The following selection of short videos is from a diverse range of contributors on the issue of population collapse.  Make sure to watch the ‘Do it For Denmark’ commercials that encourage procreation to save Denmark, if you are in any doubt that this is a very real issue.

Elon Musk on Population Collapse.  Elon Musk, backer of Tesla and SpaceX, expounds on the risks of population collapse on CNN Money  in 2015.


Stratfor Report on Germany’s Challenge The Stratfor global intelligence company released a video on Germany’s demographic challenge in 2013.


Gary Becker, Nobel Prize in Economics 1992 and Phi Longman, author or ‘The Empty Cradle’A number of authors and academics  cite their concerns.


Do It for Denmark! The “Do it For Denmark” advertising commercials add a sense of humour to an otherwise dire situation for their country.  A little discretion may be required for younger viewers.


The follow up to the original Do it for Denmark commercial. Again, a little discretion may be required for younger viewers.